Dealing With Divorce: Fees For Attorneys And Other Legal Aid

Legal fees are a mainstay of the divorce process, especially if the divorce is a contested one. And, unfortunately for one party, they might be responsible for shouldering all of the legal fees for themselves and their spouse.

Divorce and legal fees

Individuals who are the sole provider in their marriage may be permitted to pay legal fees for themselves and their spouse. Many courts come to this conclusion based on one reason: if you’re financially viable, you’re responsible for paying the fees.

Though, that party might not think that’s fair. However, it’s the result of common sense that makes that the inevitable conclusion in most cases. Sometimes, the other party can’t afford or are physically unable to pay for their legal fees. Since, at the time of the trial, both parties are still legally married, the providing spouse must take their legal fees if ordered to do so.

Interestingly enough, courts may order providing parties to pay fees if they chose to ‘run up’ those fees in pursuit of settling the divorce proceedings. Depending on the judge handling the case, the providing party may have to pay a portion or the entire share of their spouse’s legal fees.

There’s also the prospect of receiving their share of split or redistributed assets from their spouse. If those assets consist of money, there’s a possibility the providing party might have to recoup their legal costs by using those very assets. As you can see, paying for fees can be tricky.

It’s not that tricky to handle if the providing party seeks legal and financial help from qualified professionals. The problem with that is they may also have to pay for their assistance, too.

Seeking help from professionals

A divorce takes up time and money. That’s why it’s important for a provider to get professional help about managing their finances during the divorce. Though, there’s a catch.

When you work with an attorney or other form of legal aid, it takes a lot of time out of your life. Much of the divorce process involves completing and reviewing documents and other transmissions regarding your marriage and the divorce. When you think of it like that, you’re more or less paying to work with your attorney throughout the course of the divorce process.

That’s how the fees add up. And, those fees can double if you’re responsible for covering your spouse’s legal fees. But, if you seek help from professionals, they can help you figure out a way to deal with your financial situation throughout the divorce process.

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