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HIGHLIGHT: Does the Criminal Justice System Need Reform?

There are a lot of things out there that need to be changed in our system, and one of the biggest areas of change needs to be in the area of the criminal justice system. Kentucky is just one of many states who is standing up and saying that they want to try and reform the system, and they are trying to make sure that it actually goes into play instead of just talking about the issues that the system currently deals with.

One of the main reasons that the criminal justice system needs to change, according to a criminal defense attorney in San Jose, is because of how much money is being wasted on the criminal justice system. Think about all of the money that is being used in the courtroom every single day; even though about 90% of cases are dealt with using plea bargains nowadays, there are still a lot of criminal cases that go to court. Those cases require a lot of cash flow and such. Of course, these court cases are necessary – everyone in our country has the right to a fair trial and to a jury, so that’s not really somewhere that cuts can or should be made.

So where is the biggest issue? The same issue that seems to be plaguing the entire country – the jail system. The biggest problem that is going on is the fact that no one really knows what to do with the growing prison population (says one criminal defense lawyer). There are a lot of people in jail at this point in time, and it costs a lot to keep them there. The longer that they are there, the more that they cost. Even those that are in for light drug charges end up being there for a long while, and it’s causing a lot of financial strain on state and federal government funds.

That’s why Kentucky has spoken up, and they’re working to reevaluate their system. They are considering reforms that will help them to reduce the prison population and to put more people into rehabilitative and probationary programs, which seem to be the future of the United States’ criminal justice system. Will other states start to follow suit? What else will need to be done in order to reduce the amount of money that is being spent on keeping people “in the system” for as long as possible?

Pain & Suffering & Your Personal Injury Case


Pain and suffering is one of the types of financial compensation an individual may be entitled to during a personal injury lawsuit. This damage is used to compensate an individual for the emotional and physical stress that has resulted after an accident has occurred. Emotional stress can include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia and similar symptoms.

No Pain & Suffering?

Pain and suffering is not awarded on all lawsuits, and   the amount that is awarded in cases where it is a part of the deal will  vary from case to case. The monies awarded for pain and suffering are in addition to the amount awarded for medical bills, lost wages, etc., although still considered a part of the general lawsuit. This means you might get two separate settlements or awards.

If you expect to receive pain and suffering damages, filing a lawsuit is probably the only way that you will get it. Insurance companies are not keen on paying for these type of damages, assuming that a victim is receiving all of the money they deserve in the amount offered for settlement.

Additionally it is important to know that not all states allow an individual to sue for pain and suffering. Some states in the US have a no-fault legislation that prevents pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages.

How Much is Your Case Worth?

If you qualify for pain and suffering in your case, there are several different things that will be used to determine the amount that you will receive. This includes the therapy and medical treatment that you have endured. You should have all of this information available for the lawyer when it is requested. This will smooth and speed up the process. The more proof of your pain and suffering that you have the better.

Some of the things that are taken into consideration when determining how much you might receive for pain and suffering include:

  • Seriousness of the injury
  • The part that the victim played in the injuries
  • What will the future hold?
  • What does the jury say?

The Bottom Line

Some cases are eligible for pain and suffering damages while others are not. It is always in your best interest to talk to a lawyer to learn more about this rule, whether your case may qualify for, and more about the amount of money that you can receive in your settlement.